Since the #BringBackTheState campaign has ended, many people have come up to us and asked if there was still a way to contribute to #BringBackTheState.

The answer is a resounding yes! While we’ve raised the majority of the funds for the projector (and it’s been ordered!), we’re still raising money to replace the roof.

As you can see from the video, the leaky roof has caused damage to the ceiling.

It’s even worse behind the screen.

While we’re trying to raise $30,000 to help cover costs on the roof replacement project, we’ve decided to not inundate you with another lengthy #BringBackTheState campaign.

Instead, we’ll be offering some of the perks we offered to our #BringBackTheState contributors – but in a more quiet, reserved way.

Ways you can still help:

$250 Grand Opening Invite: Those that contribute $250 or more will be invited (plus guest) to our Grand Opening celebration. Hobnob with other contributors, and check out the cool new projector.  Contributor's name will be among the thank you's on the big screen. $250 contributors also get a lapel pin and  a t shirt.
$300 Grand Opening Invite

GRAND OPENING INVITATION: We’re still finalizing the list for the Grand Opening party. And you can be a part of it! It cost #BringBackTheState contributors $300 for two tickets to the gala, and that’s still the going rate. (Bonus: if you contributed to #BringBackTheState, you need only contribute the difference in order to attend the gala). As soon as we have an firm date on the installation of the projector, we’ll be announcing the date of the grand opening. We’re hoping for late July, maybe early August. The grand opening will be a lavishly catered event and will include a classic movie shown from our brand new digital projector on to our brand new high-gain screen. Shannon & I have thrown parties for everyone from the Madison County Bar Association to Governor John Kasich, and we know how do it well.

Email for more info
Email for more info

ON-SCREEN ADVERTISING: Attention businesses: The majority of movie-goers arrive early for a film. Their eyes, already facing  our screen, could be looking at your products or services.  Your ad can be as simple as a  billboard-like image, still image with audio, or be full-motion video and audio. You can help the State get a new roof while writing it off as an advertising expense. Call (614) 315-4638 for rates and details.


Other perks: We’ve ordered some extra t-shirts and buttons and will have a limited amount of those to distribute as well. Those will be distributed in a first-come, first-served basis. If you decide to contribute today, we’ll do our best to get you some sort of perk as a token of our thanks.


State Theater co-owner Shannon Treynor holds the Madison Press with the cover story on the State raising the funds for the projector
State Theater co-owner Shannon Treynor holds the Madison Press with the cover story on the State raising the funds for the projector

How to contribute:

BY CHECK/CASH: Checks can be made out to the London State Theater and mailed or dropped off to our office at 63 North Main Street, London, OH 43140.


Read the Madison Press story here.