The Great Grilled Panini Sandwiches

All sandwiches are grilled with a housemade garlic and herb olive oil and served with deli sweet pickles and your choice of potato chips or popcorn.

“The Hambo” Sliced ham piled high on rustic bread, grilled with melted Swiss cheese served with lettuce, tomatoes and honey mustard $8.50

“The Tom Turkey Cruise” Thinly sliced turkey grilled on rustic bread with melted Provolone cheese, served with lettuce, tomato and honey mustard $8.50

“The BBQ Chicken Run” Shredded barbeque chicken, topped with black beans and roasted corn, and grilled with sharp cheddar on rustic bread  $8.50

“The Pizza Jackson” Pepperoni, tomato sauce, sausage, cheese and Italian seasoning grilled together on rustic bread $8.50

“A Grilled Veggie to Remember” Assorted grilled seasonal vegetables with whole milk mozzarella with signature French onion balsamic sauce on rustic bread $8.50

“American Graf-Grilled Cheese” Classic American and Provolone cheese grilled on rustic bread $7.00

“When Peanut Butter Met Jelly” A classic combo, grilled between two pieces of rustic bread, served with a side of carrots, and brought together with timeless love $5.00

It’s a Wrap!

“The Citizen Wrap” Your choice of ham or turkey, lettuce and honey mustard rolled into a honey wheat wrap, served chilled $6.00

OH! Heavenly Dogs

“The Classic” All beef hotdog, unadorned $4.00 .
“The Cheesy Dog” All beef hotdog, smothered in melted cheese $4.50

“The Pizza Dog” A new found kid’s favorite! All beef hotdog, served with pepperoni, pizza sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese $4.75
“The Italian Sausage” A Johnsonville Italian sausage, served with tomato sauce, grilled peppers and onions $5.00

“The Beer Brat” A beer bratwurst, garnished grilled pepper and onions $5.00


Grilled Seasonal Vegetables – Our housemade French onion balsamic sauce with assorted grilled seasonal vegetables with whole milk mozzarella $8.00

Caprese – A layer of fresh basil leaves topped with sliced garden tomatoes and whole milk mozzarella with a splash of balsamic glaze $8.00

BBQ Chicken – Shredded barbeque chicken, topped with black beans, roasted corn and sharp cheddar. $8.00

Pepperoni – topped with whole milk mozzarella $8.00

Sausage – slices of Johnsonville Italian sausage, grilled peppers/onions, whole milk mozzarella $8.00

Cheese – naught but the best $6.00


“The Ohio Nachos” thick cut ripple potato chips, served with melted Mexican cheese, garnished with crumbled bacon, black olives, fresh jalapenos and sour cream $6.00

“The Best Pretzel” Named for what it is, toasted just for you  $5.00
With Cheese $5.50

Celery and Carrots, served with a side of peanut butter $2.50

Hummus, served with pita chips and a side of celery and carrots $4.50

Popcorn $1.75/$2.75/$4.75


Housemade Candied Pecans $5.00

Puppy Chow $5.00

Fudge Pops from Fine Designs $1.50

Boxed Candy $2.50

Popcorn Sundae – a boat of popcorn topped with caramel or chocolate sauce, with Butterfinger pieces or M&Ms, topped with whipped cream and served with a spoon – $3.50

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