They said we couldn’t do it.

Heck. I said we couldn’t do it.

But we did it.

Well, you did it.  You raised the $40,000 we asked for in 60 days.

Your generosity tells us one main thing: you want movies back in London as much as we do.

We’ve already been cleaning like crazy.

We’ve started the painting on the exterior and that should resume here very soon.

We’re working to secure a loan to pay for a new roof, and we’re ordering booths so there’s dining seating in the lobby.

We’ve been talking to food distributors and experimenting with new ways to make cinema dining a fun and unique experience.

We’ve been shopping for art to place on the walls, and new lighting fixtures for the dining area.

We’ve installed a new hot water tank, and have been discussing unique customer options with Coca-Cola.

We’ve been signing contracts with 20th Century Fox, Universal and all of the Hollywood movie companies – preparing for the day we’re able to show you fantastic first-run movies with better picture and sound than you’ve ever seen or heard before in London.

So now the real work is going to begin, as we really turn on the gears and get ready to open.

We couldn’t have done it without you. We’ll be thanking you all year. And for years to come.

Your generosity will not be taken for granted.

Thank you.



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